Green Marketing: 10 Rules

Hugh Hough from the Green Team has written an article, 10 Rules of Green Marketing over at Ecoamerica.

Good, basic rules, particularly for those new at green and socially responsible marketing. Here is a summary:


1. Don’t focus solely on "green".  Hough suggests that consumers want more than this and that companies now need to address the 3 pillars of sustainability: environmental impact, social impact, economic

2. Walk before you talk. Ensure your business is engaging in green marketing before you make any claims.

3. Focus on Facts.  Don’t make claims that you are socially responsible and green –focus on the facts–specifically what you are doing.

4. Let someone else tell your story. Get endorsements from clients and non-profits that you have partnered with.

5. Keep it simple, make it relevant. Make your
sustainability initiatives  feel like a natural extension of your

6. Look inside. Ensure your employees are involved in your sustainability initiatives.

7. Money isn’t everything. Don’t just focus on making financial contributions to green initiatives. Make connections between your brand and the cause.

8. Tell the truth, the whole truth. Be honest, admit your flaws and say what you are doing to change them.  Consumers want transparency.

9. Be genuine. Sustainable marketing must be real and authentic. It should be embraced by everyone involved.

10. Have fun. Don’t be all doom and gloom.

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