Monthly Archives: April 2007

Be Considerate With Your PDFs

Quick tip: When linking to a PDF file, either within a web page’s copy or from a menu button, it’s a good idea to make some kind of note that the link will open a PDF file (and you may also want to note the approximate size of that file) — e.g., "Annual Report (PDF – 100KB)". So many people hate PDFs that, if they knew the link was going to open one, they wouldn’t click it. In fact, I get frustrated myself when I’m just quickly perusing a site, flipping from page to page, and then, all of the sudden, I’ve hit a link to a PDF and the dreaded Acrobat loading delay begins, without an easy way out. Patience is at a premium these days. Let people know if they’re going to have to wait beforehand and you’ll tick a lot fewer people off.

Get Walking

Okay, technically, maybe this post doesn’t belong in the "Search Engine Optimization" category, but you’ll soon see it does have to do with a search engine and a form of optimization…

I just tried out Google’s GMaps Pedometer. It’s kind of fun. Next time you go for a walk (which, of course, is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of transportation!), you might be curious to know how far you walked. This tool allows you to plot the route you took to see its distance and even — if you care — the number of calories you burned.

Turns out one of my quick post-work walking routes is about 1.5 miles. Interesting…

Shattering the Myths of Duplicate Content and Search Engines

I have read so much conflicting information on the duplicate content issue and how search engines deal with it. A lot of people seem to think that if you have any duplicate content on your website that the search engines will penalize you by not indexing any of your web pages that have the same content.

SEO expert, Jill Whalen, has written a wonderful article that dispels this myth and explains that if you simply have duplicate content on some of your pages or have re-published articles online that exist on your website  you don’t have anything to worry about. The worst that will happen is that search engines may only index one of the pages that are the same, hence the rest won’t show up in search results.

If you are trying to trick the search engines in some way, well that is a different matter… you may just end up being penalized.  Some, or all of your pages may not show up…But, being a green or socially responsible business, we know you won’t be doing any of that! :-)

Low Wattage Color Palette

Ever thought about how the colors on your computer’s monitor affect the amount of energy it uses? Of course it makes sense that white uses more energy than black, since more light is needed to display lighter colors. Check out the "Emergy-C" low wattage palette on ecoIron’s blog to see what colors go relatively easy on wattage. Not too hard to design a nice looking web site with that palette.

You can see the differences in wattage used for various colors at There’s also info there about which popular screensavers are best for energy savings. Interesting stuff.