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Green Marketing: 10 Rules

Hugh Hough from the Green Team has written an article, 10 Rules of Green Marketing over at Ecoamerica.

Good, basic rules, particularly for those new at green and socially responsible marketing. Here is a summary:


1. Don’t focus solely on "green".  Hough suggests that consumers want more than this and that companies now need to address the 3 pillars of sustainability: environmental impact, social impact, economic

2. Walk before you talk. Ensure your business is engaging in green marketing before you make any claims.

3. Focus on Facts.  Don’t make claims that you are socially responsible and green –focus on the facts–specifically what you are doing.

4. Let someone else tell your story. Get endorsements from clients and non-profits that you have partnered with.

5. Keep it simple, make it relevant. Make your
sustainability initiatives  feel like a natural extension of your

6. Look inside. Ensure your employees are involved in your sustainability initiatives.

7. Money isn’t everything. Don’t just focus on making financial contributions to green initiatives. Make connections between your brand and the cause.

8. Tell the truth, the whole truth. Be honest, admit your flaws and say what you are doing to change them.  Consumers want transparency.

9. Be genuine. Sustainable marketing must be real and authentic. It should be embraced by everyone involved.

10. Have fun. Don’t be all doom and gloom.

Green Businesses Will Not Solve Environmental Problems

It’s wonderful to see the mainstream increasingly adopt more "green" or "socially responsible" products making room for more green businesses. However, I am concerned that the message that people are getting is that buying green will solve the environmental crisis.

The bigger issue that is not being addressed enough in the mainstream media and culture is that we need to reduce our consumption patterns. And while  Perry Goldstein makes a good point in that we do need to purchase and use things in order to survive, many of us  likely consume more things than we need.

So while I am happy that the green business movement is growing, I think it’s important to note that it is simply one step forward in solving the enormous problems that will make the world a better place. I look forward to the day that we all care enough to realize that we need to fundamentally change the way we live and consume.

Are you Baffled by the Key Word Selection Process?

As small businesses, socially responsible, health or healing businesses often don’t have budgets to hire search engine experts to optimize their websites. While Nathaniel and I help our clients with basic search engine optimization (SEO) as most of them have no idea have to do this themselves, I encourage my clients to learn the basics. Even knowing just a bit of SEO information can help with your search engines rankings.

SEO expert Aaron Wall was recently interviewed by Kelly Spors from The Wall Street Journal on Keyword Selection. Aaron clearly explains the often confusing process of selecting keywords.

Some of the methods Aaron suggests for determining keywords include:

  • for established sites, check your web traffic logs to see how people are finding you
  • write down all the keywords you would use to search for your product or service
  • ask past and current customers/clients what they would use to search for your product or service
  • research what terms are being used on blogs and discussion forums related to your topic
  • determine what keywords are being used for the top competing sites in your area

All this and more on this great podcast. You can listen to the podcast for free here.

Greening the Apple

Ben Rowe points to another video by Greenpeace trying to get Apple to go Green.

As a long time Mac user I couldn’t agree more. I love Apple’s products and am disapointed that they aren’t doing more on the environmental front. There is no reason why they can’t be leaders in the conscious business arena.

From the Greenpeace website:

We love Apple. Apple knows more about "clean" design than anybody,
right? So why do Macs, iPods, iBooks and the rest of their product
range contain hazardous substances that other companies have abandoned?
A cutting edge company shouldn’t be cutting lives short by exposing
children in China and India to dangerous chemicals. That’s why we Apple fans need to demand a new, cool product: a greener Apple.

It’s a clever campaign and as Ben says, It’s positive protesting" as they are trying to work with the popularity of Apple, not against it. Take  part in the campaign.

Good Content Does Drive Traffic To Your Site

Tom Pick of Web Market Central has a great article called, How To Build Site Traffic with Compelling Content. His 12 methods are listed below. Great ideas, some that I had not heard of before.

  1. News feeds
  2. White papers
  3. Directories
  4. Stock quotes
  5. Quirky characters
  6. Blogs
  7. Webinars
  8. Podcasts
  9. Reports and Statistics
  10. Regulatory updates
  11. Book reviews
  12. Write your own book

For the details, see the entire article.

About Juliet

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I have been offering marketing coaching and consulting as well as copy writing services for
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Being an ideas person who thrives on change and variety, I usually
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I am graduate of CoachU, The Institute for Life Coach Training, and member of The School of Coaching at Coachville.

My memberships include the International Association of Coaches, The Canadian
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I reside in beautiful Vancouver, BC on the west coast of Canada. In
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I live my life from a Buddhist perspective and am socially conscious.

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About Nathaniel

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I graduated from the Vancouver Film School, with a Certificate of Recommendation in Multimedia Studies, in 1997 and have been working in the web design and new media industry ever since. I previously received a Bachelor of Mathematics degree (Honours Actuarial Science) from the University of Waterloo and worked in the pension consulting field.

In addition to web design, I’ve produced training videos, newsletters, and CD-ROMs.

I moved to Courtenay, BC (on Vancouver Island) at the beginning of 2004 and love the lifestyle (and the scenery) out here! People are friendly and the pace is nice and slow. It’s pretty easy to get in touch with nature here. I’ve taken to gardening (organic, of course) and love not having to rely on a car much to get around.

In my spare time, I do a lot of hiking, biking, yoga, and reading. And, I’m an avid puzzle (mainly crossword) solver. I also play a bit of hockey and love to try new adventurous things outdoors. Although it’s been a while, I’m getting back into playing piano.

Please check out There you’ll find plenty examples of websites and other projects I’ve worked on, some glowing testimonials, and a bit more about nrichmedia’s philosophy. I donate 5% of proceeds on all projects of $500 and above to charitable causes.

Web Design, Promotion & Copywriting Services


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Website Copywriting
The copy (text) for your website is the most important aspect in determining whether a person will take the action you want when they arrive at your site. Research shows that you only have a few seconds to attract the attention of your visitors. While it’s important to have a visually pleasing and professional site, if your copy does not grab their interest and keep it, you have wasted your time and energy. We consult with you on how to write compelling copy, provide reviews of your written drafts, or, if you prefer, we will write your copy for you.

Website Promotion and Marketing
There is no point having a website unless you also know how to drive traffic to it. We will help you develop and implement a plan for marketing your site both on and offline. While there are numerous ways to promote your website, we assist you in choosing and implementing the strategies that are best suited to you and your business, helping you get the best results possible.

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